Nationally funded programmes for improving technology teachers’ IT competencies in Polytechnics, Finland
Service provider for the Helsinki and Vaasa Polytechnics Planning, organizing and conducting teacher training modules on office software such as Excel in the Helsinki area and West Coast of Finland
University of Helsinki, Open University nationwide English language education programme, Finland
Service provider for the University of Helsinki

CTI (Computer-Telephone Integration) experimental system buildup, implementation and technical support of distance English learning for nationwide adult students

European Union TELEMATICS program, all European Union countries, 1994–96 Sub-contractor for the Helsinki University of Technology Component buildup for tertiary level distance learning environments using computer-telephone integration
European Union ESPRIT program, 1996–2000, all European Union countries Contractor for the European Union Coordination of a consortium of European companies, and planning a demonstration system of distance education technology using telephone interface for language learning/ driving school/ medical studies
University of Helsinki, the Open University programme of online courses, 1997–2001 Contractor for the University of Helsinki Coordination, planning and implementation of a web course consisting of support material of basic skills in mathematics for students of various fields
UNIFY (University of the North Foundation Year) project, South Africa, funded by the European Commission, 1993–2000 Sub-contractor for the FTP International Finland Team leading, project implementation, mathematics teaching and development of Computer Assisted Learning for disadvantaged post-secondary students in the Northern Province of the Republic of South Africa during 1998–2000
European Union EUROLATIS programme, 2001 Contractor for the European Union Assistance in planning for distance education and business services in Central America, including telephone-assisted service system in order to improve opportunities for Central American entrepreneurs
SEMP (Secondary Education Modernization Project), funded by ADB (the Asian Development Bank), Sri Lanka, Phase I, 2001–03 Sub-contractor for the FTP International, Finland Improving the quality of learning by assisting in establishment of computer learning centers in 800 Sri Lankan secondary schools and providing them with computer assisted learning software and teacher training
SEMP (Secondary Education Modernization Project), funded by ADB (the Asian Development Bank), Sri Lanka, Phase II, 2003–05 Sub-contractor for the Helsinki Consulting Group, Finland Improving the quality of learning by assisting in improvement of educational technologies in 2300 Sri Lankan secondary schools, including establishment of multimedia rooms and monitoring functionality of computer learning centers
Demonstration and piloting of Mathematics learning and teaching materials, since 2006  Sub-contractor for the WebALT Inc., Finland Establishment and implementation of a pilot programme in South East Asia